v1.1.3 Changelog

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! (And also happy birthday to our composer Bee!!!) (ALSO happy fifth anniversary to the demo! How time flies...) What better day than today to put out the latest patch with some more tweaks and bug fixes?

As usual, to update your game, simply download the new build from the downloads page. You can copy over your save files (the .rvdata2 type files) from the install folder of the previous version to continue where you left off.

Other common technical questions are addressed in the FAQ on our website. We hope everyone continues to enjoy the game!

v1.1.3 Changelog

  • For players with Additional Guidance mode toggled on, hint arrows pointing towards the keys have been added to The Anomaly.
  • Mobile Hole Hounds will no longer drop the Cardboard Box item.
  • After multiple reports of people thinking they had gotten stuck after finding the I.D. badges in the Neon Labyrinth , interacting with either the door OR the badge scanner will now unlock the door to the end of the dungeon.
  • Corrected a couple dialogue logic errors relating to checks for whether or not the Resolute Paladin side quest had been finished.
  • Additional modifications have been made to the parts of the third party "Effectus" anti-lag script that were causing occasional crashes when bumping into enemies.
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes.


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Feb 14, 2023

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This is censorship. How dare you now allow our cute little mobile hole hounds to have cute little boxes. (I am joking.)