v1.0.2 Changelog

Another small update to fix a few issues!

  • Added an additional pause at the end of the "fight" with the sealed treasure chest in the desert to prevent status effect messages from lingering on the screen after the battle.
  • Removed a leftover hidden test event that was attached to a random crystal and tinted the entire screen Game Boy green with no easy way to remove said tint.
  • And as a failsafe, travelling between major areas will now always reset the tint of the screen.
  • Minor typo fixes.

To update your game, simply download the new build from the downloads page. You can copy over your save files (the .rvdata2 type files) from the install folder of the previous version to continue where you left off.

Thanks so much to everyone who's picked up the game in its first two days!


Super Lesbian Animal RPG v1.0.2.zip 692 MB
Dec 22, 2022

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