v1.0.4 Changelog

Another patch? It's a Festivus miracle!

To update your game, simply download the new build from the downloads page. You can copy over your save files (the .rvdata2 type files) from the install folder of the previous version to continue where you left off.

Other common technical questions are addressed in the FAQ on our website. We hope everyone continues to enjoy the game!

v1.0.4 Changelog:

  • A few of Jodie's stat growth curves will no longer make some of her stats go down a point at certain levels.
  • Noel's sprite will no longer disappear when facing north when found in the Amber Woods.
  • Fixed the Recursive Loot Scooter bestiary entry not unlocking properly in one specific enemy event and a monster den.
  • Fixed error in Beverly's side quest that could result in getting stuck on a black screen.
  • The locks in the Flurry Mountains now use their own type of key separate from the ones in the Guardian's Vault to prevent a minor sequence break. (To prevent players who might have saved and quit in the middle of the Flurry Mountains segment from getting stuck, you can return to the treasure chests where you found the keys to claim the corrected keys.)

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