SLARPG will be released in 2022!!

Happy new year, everyone! Time for an important announcement regarding the full game...

You can read more about this news in the latest Patreon update.

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yeah seems we were lied to boys unless it comes out in the next month plus like 2 days.

oh seems i was wrong boys

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*dies of cute*
Welp.   I need this game.  Glad I learned about it shortly before it is gonna come out.

It has been probably 4 years since I learned about this game. It felt like forever. I hope I can play it.

Oh this game looks so cute just saying I have not played the demo since i don't like having to wait if i really like a game i would rather get the full game but just wanted to say I'm 100% getting this when it gets out!

I didn’t even know I was a lesbian back when this was an MLP fangame. I’m excited!

Can't wait!

I've been waiting for this for several years, did I really make it? I've already lost hope